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Please introduce yourself here.
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By QuixoticSkeptic
Hello everyone. I'm joining in hopes of engaging in interesting conversation on a variety of topics with people from around the world. This seems like a great place to do just that.

So, who am I? In a nod to Unamuno, the gentleman in my avatar, I'd say I'm a man of flesh and bone. The concrete man as opposed to the abstractions that are 'human' and 'humanity'. On a less philosophical note, I'm a proud Texan and recent college grad(Bachelors of Science in Economics). I'm also a person of faith.

My interests are many. I enjoy talking American football, literature, theology, economics, culture, philosophy, history and of course politics.

My faith along with the virtues of prudence and reason inform my politics, which are syncretic. If I had to put a label to my politics I'd steal one from writer Rod Dreher and call myself a granola conservative.

I look forward to interacting with you folks.
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By One Degree
Welcome aboard. I am the font of all wisdom. Most other posters are regurgitators of dead dogma. :)
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By Lexington
QuixoticSkeptic wrote:I'm a proud Texan and recent college grad(Bachelors of Science in Economics).

I am not a recent grad, but I am a proud (former) Texan and college grad with a B.A. in Economics (and other majors).

Welcome aboard, my friend.

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